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From the first moments of your introduction on the bus, my jet-lagged mind realized that we were in good hands, and it was a true delight to sit back and listen as you effortlessly unpacked British history, the Norfolk landscape, the splendors of the houses we visited, and the eccentricities of their owners, dead or alive . . . Bravo!

Letter from a museum director
September 2013

Christopher Hartop has been designing and leading cultural travel programmes for museum groups since 1999. He can tailor an itinerary to the interests of your group, developing it in consultation with you. It can be broad in scope, exploring a country or region, or it can examine in depth a specific area in art or history. He can organize every aspect of the trip, presenting you with a complete package to present to your supporters.

During the last two years he has organized and led travel programmes for directors’ groups from a number of important museums and institutions.

He has also created programmes for supporters and docents of a number of cultural institutions.

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