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Christopher Hartop arranges and leads a number of cultural travel programmes each year devoted to the art, architecture and history of specific regions or countries. Added to these visits are unique experiences unavailable to the individual traveller.

Some programmes are specialized: for example, some explore aspects of the decorative arts in different countries. His annual Master Classes focus on a specific historic house or collection, including in-depth sessions with noted experts, which provide rare access to important and often little-known treasures.

Private access to some of the world’s greatest art collections is just one aspect of his tours. You can also be assured of some of the finest food and wines, excellent company and the chance to meet fellow collectors and historic house owners.

Some recent experiences have included a private dinner hosted by Count Alexandre de Voguë followed by a spectacular firework display at France’s greatest privately owned château, Vaux le Vicomte, a behind-the-scenes study session at the Hermitage in St Petersburg, and a chance to stay in William Kent-designed bedrooms in one of Britain’s greatest stately homes as personal guests of the owners. Ambassadors’ residences, the workshops of great Parisian jewellers, great estancias of the Argentine pampas and some very secret houses have all been featured in recent trips.

Travel programmes for 2015:

  • Princely Collections of Vienna with an optional sequel in Budapest
  • The Derby Collection Master Class and Historic Houses in the English North-west
  • Glorious Gardens of the East of England
  • Secrets of the Châteaux of the Loire Valley
  • The Art of the Horse in France

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