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The Strafford Wine Cistern 
at Temple Newsam, Yorkshire Palacio de la Fronteira, 
Lisbon Vaux le Vicomte Drayton House, 
Northamptonshire Cabinet by Pierre Gole, 
Burghley House, Stamford
At an historic estancia 
in Argentina Het Kasteel van ’s-Gravenwezel Museu de Arte Antiga Raynham Hall, Norfolk Recreating the ball in 
Pride and Prejudice
Christopher Hartop designs and leads cultural travel programmes for individuals and also for museums and other cultural institutions. A former Executive Vice President of Christie’s, he has been organizing cultural travel of the highest standard since 1999. He is a frequent lecturer on decorative arts, history and architecture at museums all over the world and author of many books. You may have seen him in the BBC series Made in Britain, and recently he teamed up with the food historian Ivan Day to recreate a Regency-period dinner for the BBC TV programme Jane Austen: Having a Ball.

His travel programmes can be broad in scope, exploring a country or region, or they can examine in depth a specific area in art or history. His itineraries provide not only unrivalled private access but the opportunity to meet curators and private owners of important collections.

Recent travel programmes have included:

  • The Goodwood House Master Class
  • Great Houses and Collections of Ireland
  • Royal Collections of Portugal
  • Secret Collections of Paris and the Maastricht Fine Art Fair
  • Silver Studies in Spain
  • Great Collections of Argentina
  • Castles and Palaces of Scotland
  • Secret Sweden.

Travel programmes for 2015:

  • Princely Collections of Vienna with an optional sequel in Budapest
  • The Derby Collection Master Class and Historic Houses in the English North-west
  • Glorious Gardens of the East of England
  • Secrets of the Châteaux of the Loire Valley
  • The Art of the Horse in France

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